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Additional Reporting Functions

Accounting tools image showing people and gears Reporting functions were established within the reports of the Controller's Office Reporting Tools to add efficiency in creating the reports and provide a more user-friendly experience. Included in this section is information regarding the details of each function and how to use them within a report.

Save Parameter Settings - Instructions on how to save a specific report, including selected parameters, for a more convenient and effortless way to access frequently run reports.

Schedule Report Settings- Instructions on how to schedule commonly used reports. Reports can be scheduled to run on a recurring basis and results become available in the user's email. Users can determine when and how often to run a report.

Wildcards - Instructions on how to use wildcards, allowing the user to broaden or narrow the search results of a report.

Dynamic Parameters - Instructions on the use of dynamic parameters to assist users who run recurring reports. The use of dynamic parameters eliminates the need to edit the date or period fields within a set of saved parameters.