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Employee Resources

IU employees from Fort Wayne campus Pay Dates - Review a calendar of pay dates for both biweekly and monthly employees.

Timekeeping - Resources related to the use of Kuali Time, IU's preferred timekeeping system. Learn how to clock in and out, record benefit time, and review leave accruals.

Direct Deposit & Paycards - This page includes information on how to add, remove, or update your direct deposit information, as well as details about IU's paycard program, Rapid! by Chase.

Paychecks - Learn how to view your paycheck and year-to-date totals online, about fringe benefits, and financial tools such as the Paycheck Modeler and Savings Tool.

Taxes - Information related to tax forms, such as the W-2 or 1042-S, as well as federal and state withholding requirements and procedures.

FNIS (Foreign National Information System) - Resources related to FNIS, the Foreign National Information System. This system is used by IU to securely collect information such as visa status, U.S. visit history, and more.

Employment Verification - The Work Number handles all verification of employment (VOE) requests from lending institutions and employees for Indiana University. Visit this page for additional details.

Forms - Access a comprehensive list of forms which includes state tax withholding forms, duplicate tax form requests, and international tax forms.