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Created for campus administrators and fiscal officers, this area provides information on how to efficiently and effectively run reports related to assets. Included in this section is information regarding the required parameters and how to get the most out of these reports. Financial information presented to external users is presented differently than these internal reports; however, the information used to create both the internal and external reports is the same.

Multi Year Cash Balance by Fund Group Report - This report is used to monitor, analyze and compare cash balances by fund group. The report is designed to show comparative cash balances for either 3 or 5 years, with the option to include the current year for year over year comparison.

Accounts Receivable Aging and Detail Report - This report helps IU departments track and manage outstanding accounts receivable balances. It provides detailed information on unpaid balances, aging of accounts, and helps with managing cash flow, estimating bad debt expenses, and maintaining customer relationships. It also serves as a tool for assessing customer payments, credit, and collection efforts while ensuring accuracy, reducing errors, and improving financial reporting integrity.