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Expenses, Encumbrances and Payments

Image showing money in an envelope Created for campus administrators and fiscal officers, this area provides information on how to efficiently and effectively run reports related to expenses, encumbrances and payments. Included in this section is information regarding the required parameters and how to get the most out of these reports. Financial information presented to external users is presented differently than these internal reports; however, the information used to create both the internal and external reports is the same.

BUY.IU PO Encumbrance Detail Report - This report is used to review and reconcile PO encumbrance balances in BUY.IU and the general ledger. It allows fiscal officers to monitor PO encumbrance balances in BUY.IU and highlights any discrepancies between the PO balances and the general ledger. Users can easily identify potential issues, ensure proper reconciliation between balances and detect POs with open status but no encumbrances that need to be closed.

BUY.IU Paid Transactions Report - This report shows users payments that have been issued to suppliers related to their procurement transactions. Once an invoice has been paid, the transactions move from the Aging report to the Paid Transactions report.