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Image of accounting images swirling around head Created for campus administrators and fiscal officers, this area provides information on how to efficiently and effectively run reports related to liablilities. Included in this section is information regarding the required parameters and how to get the most out of these reports. Financial information presented to external users is presented differently than these internal reports; however, the information used to create both the internal and external reports is the same.

BUY.IU Aging Report - This report indicates unpaid purchases that an IU entity owes to suppliers. Users can track the suppliers owed money, how much is owed and how long the debt has been outstanding. It allows fiscal officers to monitor invoices for timely payment and ensure payment is issued to the correct supplier.

BUY.IU Year-End AP Accrual Detail Report - This report details accounts payable (AP) invoices included in the automatic AP accrual process. It can assist users in determining all material expenses have been properly recorded in the correct period and identifies any AP liability not included in the year-end accrual.