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View Paychecks Online - Access your pay advices, also referred to as a check stub, online and learn what information is presented on the document.

View Year to Date Totals - Access year to date (YTD) totals and learn what information is presented.

Fringe Benefits - Learn how fringe benefits, such as the IU tuition benefit or out-of-pocket reimbursements, impact your pay.

Paycheck Modeler - The Paycheck Modeler is a tool available to all employees. Use this tool to anticipate how tax status changes, raises, or benefit changes will impact your take home pay.

Savings Tool - The Savings Tool is only available to academic staff who receive 10 payroll payments over the course of the year. Use this tool to estimate how much should be saved from each paycheck to account for the summer months when you do not receive a payment from IU.