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IUIE Queries

Indiana University Information Environment (IUIE) is IU's central, web-based reporting environment. It allows users to query institutional data to generate reports. IUIE is refreshed nightly; data in IUIE is one business day old. IUIE data dates back to 2003.

Links to step-by-step instructions for many payroll-related IUIE reports are provided on the following pages:

Kuali Time Queries - Timekeeping-related reports for Payroll Processors.

Payroll Queries - Reports related to Payroll and Adjustment Voucher data.

Gaining IUIE and Payroll Query Access

Visit the IUIE Registration task tile in One.IU to gain basic IUIE access. In order to access queries which retrieve payroll data, you must request IUIE Payroll Report Access by following the steps below:

  1. Visit the HRMS/IUIE User Access Request page.
  2. Complete the form as follows:
    • This request is to: Modify an existing user's information
    • What is the role to be modified?: Select either Fiscal Approver or Payroll Voucher Processor
    • What IUIE access to you require: Check the box next to IUIE - Payroll Departmental Reports
    • Complete the form fields.
    • Comments section: Enter "Adding IUIE reporting."
  3. Submit the form. The requestor will be notified when access is provisioned.

As an IUIE user, you have signed compliance forms agreeing that you will not share information in the IUIE with third parties. If you are unsure about a particular request, contact UCO Customer Service for assistance.

For more information about IUIE, refer to the IU Knowledge Base.