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This page contains information on the different levels of permissions within the Kuali Financial System (KFS), their requirements, and how to formally request access.

Our office is reviewing the current offerings of roles/permissions for improvement opportunities to internal controls. Please check back often, as roles and access requirements and procedures are subject to change.

Basic Access: KFS User Role

Individuals who will need to initiate Financial Processing documents, approve any KFS documents in Workflow, or perform balance inquiries must first have the KFS User Role.


Prerequisites and Procedure

  1. Obtain one of the following employment statuses:
    • Active job in the Human Resource Management System (HRMS). Access may not be provisioned before the employee's start date with IU.
    • No Pay University Associate status in HRMS.
    • Affiliate status with documented KFS access pre-approval by University Controller. Fiscal Officers may submit Affiliate KFS pre-approval requests to UCO Financial Systems Administration.
  2. Sign the Acceptable Use Agreement.
  3. KFS System User Role document, submitted by Fiscal Officer. Review this training documentation for help.
  4. Allow up to two business days for processing. Our office will email the new user to confirm access provision or to communicate any issues requiring attention.

Training requirements for KFS access are temporarily suspended. Ample notice will be provided to Fiscal Officers when requirements are reinstated.


While training is not currently required, we do recommend a few courses from Financial Training & Communications to get you started on the right track. Peruse their website, or register now for upcoming offerings in the following:

  • Getting Started in KFS
  • Common KFS Documents
  • KFS Balance Inquiries

Register for KFS training


Specialized Role Access

In addition to the KFS User role, your job duties may require additional permissions and even access to additional KFS modules. Fiscal Officers may request this additional access, subject to review and approval, for their staff.


Not sure if KFS access is what you need? Jump over to our Systems We Support | KFS page to learn more about it.

Learn more about KFS