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There are several levels of Kuali Time access. The most common examples include:

  • Approver
  • Payroll Processor
  • Time Administrator


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All Kuali Time Access

Whether you need to establish a clock location rule, create a new work area, approve an employee's timesheets, or final approve timesheets for the department, all Kuali Time roles are managed at the department level.


Prerequisites and Procedure

Contact your department's Time Administrator to request Supervisor or Payroll Processor level access to Kuali Time.

New Payroll Processors in HRMS Payroll are not automatically provisioned access in Kuali Time. They must obtain that access from their department's Time Administrator.


The Office of the University Controller does not currently require Kuali Time training to obtain system access. However, Payroll Processors are required to complete the Payroll Essentials online course, which does include a module on Kuali Time. You can also find videos and documentation for all access levels in the Services for Payroll Processors section of this website:

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